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ChairTube Car
Lumbar Support Cover

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ChairTube Car
Lumbar Support Cover

TickSecures any back cushion, frame or support to a car seat backrest

TickAllows customisation of lumbar support

TickImproves chair or seat appearance

TickImproves lumbar support comfort

Made in Australia

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Align ChairTube seam to the back of chair backrest. Stretch ChairTube over car seat backrest and firmly pull down.
Fold under top edges of front pocket which may have stretched open. Adjust to ensure inside pockets are centred and at the front of the backrest.
Slide lumbar cushion/support between ChairTube and car seat backrest securing it within the inside pockets.
Adjust position of lumbar support until it is comfortable in the lower back
(around waist level)
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Do not use on car seats where the side airbags are fitted into the car seat

Extra Large – (Fits car, van & 4WD seats)